Today's Announcement:

The Pub

Music? No music here, Mr. SESAC man!

A session is an informal gathering of musicians to share tunes, songs, and talk, and all are welcomed to listen.

The session is the true embodiment of Irish music, marrying the tradition of tunes which have been played for hundreds of years with the spontaneous excitement of live, unrehearsed performance. While many of our musicians may have a long association with a particular establishment, the assembly changes every week, as new players join the circle with fresh ideas and fresh tunes.

However, that's what happens in Ireland. In America, companies like SESAC put very formal pressure on establishments like The Pub to pay royalties for any music that might be played within their walls, even if the music is hundreds of years old and was created before there was even such a thing as royalties, other than the people who sat on thrones and said things like "off with their heads".

Which can turn music into more trouble than it's worth.

'nuff said on that!