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Our Music

"Someone touched the bow, he played a reel that seemed so grand and gay"

The Pub presents a traditional Irish Session (seisun) every Thursday evening, beginning at around 7:30pm and ending whenever the musicians decide to pack up and head home.

A session is an informal gathering of musicians to share tunes, songs, and talk, and all are welcomed to listen.If you have music to share, you will be very welcome. We'd love to have some singers drop by and share a song or two.

The session is the true embodiment of Irish music, marrying the tradition of tunes which have been played for hundreds of years with the spontaneous excitement of live, unrehearsed performance. While many of our musicians have a long history with The Pub, the assembly changes every week, as new players join the circle with fresh ideas and fresh tunes.

There is, of course, never a cover charge.

We will occasionally sponsor an in-house event featuring a local singer or player. The best way to keep up to date on the latest shenanigans is to join our newsletter list.