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The Pub

Our Reviewers Have Been More Than Kind

We've been pleased to receive some very high marks from the local critical community over the years:

And you're welcome to join them. We'd be most pleased to hear your thoughts about the pub. You are welcome to add a personal review to the bottom of this page. We regret that you will have to become a member of the site, and allow us to review your posting, if you want to add a review here. We tried to leave it open, and before we new it, spam was the featured item on our menu!

It would also be most gratifying to us if you would add a review to one of the restaurant review sites. Use the links below to spread the word. We've attempted to include all the latest and greatest. If we've missed one, tell us about it.




I really love this place. It's the kind of restaurant you really wish you had in your own neighborhood, because it gives you a reason to go out and be sociable, even if only for a quick drink and chat, any and every day of the week.